Sunday, March 30, 2008

Barter Stories: DAY 3 and 4

Barter: BARTER OFFER, one song played on CD, one song sung, one written song for me
Summary: This was a barter offer. A new friend interested in Bartering for a ride, but not now, later perhaps. I had the opportunity to choose when the barter gets chosen, coordinated and played out.
Willingness to barter: Very
Destination: not yet selected

Value of barter to me: not yet determined
Value of Barter over time: not yet determined

Barter attempt: one necklace
Summary: two ladies, looking for a ride out of my range, LES? There barter had to be good. They jumper in without completing the barter. Hmmm. One was certain her barter would be worthy.
Willingness to barter: very, but also very investing in getting to her destination NOW!
Destination: LES
Value of barter to me: wasn't valuable at all.

Value of Barter over time: no value

Barter: Romanian Children's song, sung and taught
Summary: She approached the vehicle with a sense of ease, and interest. She looked in her purse. We suggested a song. She was insure, and convinced and encouraged that it would be possible
Willingness to barter: unsure. Can bartering happen with a language barrier?
Destination: Columbus Circle
Value of barter to me: AMAZING

Value of Barter over time: hope and good cheer.

Barter: One Wired magazine, one dirty joke, PR networking mailing list and upcoming VIP tickets to the furniture show
Summary: This was the 2nd ride out of the radius. I encouraged him to keep bartering for the course of the ride. This was a lot of work. The joke was fair, his company was nice.
Willingness to barter: very
Destination: East Village
Value of barter to me: Wired magazine has a feature on Green Cars!

Value of Barter over time: This barter will be more valuable, if I can follow through with it, the contacts that is. Perhaps then, we will have to see.

Barter: Subliminal Statements Publication for dispersal and company
Summary: Carrie is a friend. I ran into her at the fair, she practically ran into my taxi. I invited her to warm up in the car that I could not turn off, because my battery was going dead, and before I knew it, two hours later, we were bartering passengers together.
Willingness to barter: Very
Destination: Company for three rides and final destination: 14th street and 6th ave. Where I was going.
Value of barter to me: Priceless
Value of Barter over time: This barter will lead to another subversive project. I think I will insert these newletters to place all over town , where there already existing stacks of paper and see what happens. This then is and becomes a barter with prospect.

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