Friday, March 28, 2008

Day two barter

Barter #4:

One Scope Art Fair Press Booklet

Summary: One man and one woman going to two different stops. Bryant park and Hunter. They decided that 42 and Lexington would suffice to make it an even stop for the both of them.
Willingness to barter: So, So
Time factored in to decide barter: few minutes.
Destination: 52nd and Lexington

Value of barter to me: Negligible. Might send the book to my folks, if it has my name in it anywhere. I'll also look at it to get a sense of funders, photography, Scope mission and philsophy, and perhaps cut out a page to hang on the wall if it is striking. Perhaps make a birthday card, which I love doing.

Barter #5
One ostrich joke and one story about the number 42 (which included a life lesson)
3 visitors from Minnesota. One gallery owner, one gallery assistant, one painter
Willingness to Barter: Very wishy washy. Convinced that it was too cold to barter their jacket or gloves. Ongoing conversation of California, Minnesota, Vermont, art fairs.
Time Factored in to decide Barter: Ongoing. We became friends, laughed, joked and offered the ride many times. They were unsure they could fulfill the barter. It was perhaps too much pressure. Finally, they jumped in.
Destination: A martini... I took them to Kashkaval
Value of barter to me: Priceless. We chuckled the whole time. The car was full, warm and they even asked to go around the block again to continue the company.

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