Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cabbie hits the town

Scope was quite a scene. I began with a stroll into the pavilion of tents, through to one door into the next, into a side room, passed a superhero laying on the floor with ducktape and fowl language, and into a room of dressup and tutu's, pink polyester and jewels. I got my ID and permit for "street activity" and I was ready to go.

I perveyed the surrounding neighborhood that I would be working in the next few days, much like when I travel, getting the lay of the land. Feeling a bit apprehensive, I began to make home, home. I met the zip drivers, the cross walk woman, Patricia, two security guards, a sweeping attendant, and then the kiss booth. I sent a kiss on a piece of paper with a shocking red lipstick that was mine to keep and began with my first barter. The lipstick was mine to keep, for the glove compartment, and in exchange I heard of the latest greatest barter system in Atlanta.

Here goes nothing.

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