Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bartering Value

What is of Value to me:

Over the course of my taxi service, I began to be selective of what was important to me. I had a nice collection of things. After spending 10 weeks in this car, I had a new vision of “things”, possessions. We could only bring what we needed. Items often had duel purposes. A scarf became a pillow at night and trash was burned or became a funnel. After three days, I began to encourage the bartering of items that would be more important to me. I have some good reading to do from magazines and some other great accessories. I became to value items that had no responsibility over time.
Songs and stories were my favorite. I felt like I got to be Ira glass, helping encourage people’s story telling. Driving a Taxi became what traveling has been to me, permission to talk with people, much like the car has provide to me with, the opportunity for new interactions, from a wide range of viewers.
However based on the day, the barter need could change. I was getting hungry and getting a snack would have been a great barter!

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